About Games on Demand

What is Games on Demand?

Games on Demand is an open-gaming event put on at various conventions, sometimes under the “Indie Games Exposion” organizational label. It typically consists of designated area with tables, materials, and a constant supply of enthusiastic volunteers prepared to run a variety of independent and cutting edge games.

What’s the Point?

Gaming conventions typically focus on scheduled games- you buy a ticket for an event, you find your seat, you play that game. But sometimes slots fill up, or the scheduling is impossible for you, or you can’t find the games that you want. These things happen, but it would be a shame if you couldn’t find a game to get into and have some fun.

Games on Demand gives you the opportunity to drop by and play (or run!) new and interesting games throughout the show. The event is organized and run by friendly volunteers, and serves as a showcase for the most exciting small press tabletop games available.

Which games are on demand, exactly?

Games on Demand focuses on small press and independent games that often feature unusual mechanics or ideas, from creators and publishers who are mostly unknown in the broader industry. It’s very possible you won’t have heard about some of the games. No worries! The “on demand” part means that we’ll help you match your interests to a GM who is prepped and ready to go with just the right game.

So How do I Get Involved?

If you want to play, just show up before the slot begins (typically starting every even hour of the event), talk with the hosts to find a game and then sit down with the GM and players and play the game. Depending on the convention, you may need a badge or tickets to play, but there is absolutely no registration for events.

In addition to playing, you can volunteer for two different roles: room hosts and GMs.

Room hosts set up a display table full of games and one-sheets and then greet people who walk over to find out what is going on with Games on Demand. Hosts answer questions about the games and help players find a game.

GMs commit to running games in the designated slots, and trying to make them awesome and fun. Ideally GMs will come with a variety of games prepped and ready to run. While you can always drop by and introduce yourself to the hosts, organizers prefer to know in advance if you want to GM so that we can best schedule the event.

If you’re interested in signing up as a host or GM, contact us for more information.

Where Can I Find Games on Demand?

GoD happens at a number of annual conventions- most notably Gen Con in Indianapolis every August. For the latest information on when and where Games on Demand is happening, see the news updates on the front page or look for the @Games_On_Demand account on Twitter.

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