Freeform Larps on Demand

At Gen Con our Games on Demand team has begun offering “Freeform Larps on Demand” as well, creating a space where people can learn about and enjoy American Freeform and other similar types of live-action games in a comfortable environment.

Lazy Guide to Larp from the Larp House

Photo Credit: Larp House;

Many of these games are considered both unconventional and unique. These games focus on smaller groups, blending larp and tabletop gaming, allowing you to physically embody your character and play out a story with a small group. Some of them have been designed specifically for playing at conventions like this, through the Golden Cobra design challenge.

A game of Metropolis at Intercon 2011

Photo Credit: Evan Torner. Metropolis at Intercon 2011.

Do you want to experience and shape powerful emotional narratives? Join us at Freeform LARPs on Demand at Gen Con! Our diverse GMs and creators will introduce you to some of the great freeform live-action games developed over the years around the world: Juggernaut, Model Protectorates, The Climb, Group Date, Revived, First Impressions, and many more! Our Expert GMs will introduce the selection of games available for the slot, and players will pick one together. No costume, materials, or prior rules knowledge required.

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