Gen Con

Gen Con, held in Indianapolis every year, has been the home of Games on Demand under the “Indie Games Explosion” banner since 2006. You can usually find the events in the program guide under the ZED category.

Do you want to play a game? Join us at Games on Demand, where our diverse team of enthusiastic GMs will introduce you to their favorite independent and small press RPGs! All of these games are rules-light, story-rich, and easy to learn! No experience necessary, we’ll provide everything you need and teach you how to play! Seating and game choice is determined by a quick lottery process. Just drop by with a generic ticket, take a look at our game menus to see what’s on offer, and we’ll help you find a game you and your friends will love!

Games we’ve run in previous years include Fate, Fiasco, Torchbearer, Dungeon World, Firefly, Trail of Cthulhu, Mouse Guard, Microscope, Golden Sky Stories, Prime Time Adventures, The Warren, Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, Burning Wheel, Dread, Lady Blackbird, Cthulhu Dark, 13th Age, Atomic Robo, Dresden Files, Tenra Bansho Zero and more!

Volunteers (either as hosts, GMs, or both) will get complimentary badges for the show, and possibly other perks, for their efforts! If you’re interested, sign up for our (very infrequent) Mailchimp newsletter to find out when the next call for volunteers is happening, or contact us directly with your questions.

More information about the Gen Con event can be found here:

Note for 2023: This year, Games on Demand will be participating through GenCon Online, so you can join us whether or not you’re in Indianapolis! GenCon Online badges are free and game tickets start at $2. GenCon Online event registration opens July 9.

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