Origins FAQ


What is this about boarding passes?

There are a lot of people that come to Games on Demand. Think of the boarding pass as one of those buzzers that you get at a restaurant. When your boarding pass group is called, you can come up and choose a game to play.

Why are we using the boarding pass system this year?

As the event at Origins gets more popular, the lines have gotten longer and longer. This wastes your time and blocks up the hallway outside of our the event space. With the boarding pass system, you can grab a pass and keep enjoying the show until it’s time for seating.

How exactly does this work?

When you come to the host table before a session, the hosts will give you a boarding pass with a letter marked on it. Hold on to that until seating begins. At that time, the hosts will randomly draw a sign with a boarding pass group letter, hold it up, and call for that group to come forward and choose their games.

Should I come early to get a boarding pass?

No, that’s not necessary. Since the process is random, every boarding pass has an equal chance of being called up first, so it doesn’t matter when you pick yours up. This means there’s no need to come early and stand in line, but you’re welcome to come check out the game menus whenever you like.

When can I get a boarding pass?

Our hosts will be available to hand out boarding passes starting half an hour before seating, so if you want to play with us at 9am, come by after 8:30am.

Can I get a boarding pass for the next session during an earlier session?

Yes, although the hosts will need a little while to reorganize the passes. When the hosts come to pick up tokens for the current game, they will offer a pass for the next game if you’re interested.

What if I want to play a game with my friends?

As long as you don’t have more friends than we can fit into a game (usually about 5) it should be no problem. Just bring everyone when you come to get your boarding passes and let the hosts know you’re together and you’d all like the same boarding group letter.

What is the wait time for getting a boarding pass?

Getting a boarding pass should be a quick thing. No more than a few minutes of waiting at most.

Will I keep my boarding pass for the entirety of Origins?

No. As part of the boarding process, you’ll turn in your boarding pass as you choose your game.

Is the boarding pass only good for that time slot?

No, but please try to use it then, as it will make it easier for us to get everyone seated, and there’s no advantage to holding onto a pass.

I am a GM that is running for the current time slot, how do I get a boarding pass for the next timeslot?

One of the hosting chores is to collect generic tokens, statistics, and to ask the game table if anyone needs a boarding pass for the next session.

Will you be boarding those who need assistance first?

We will have a call before the lottery to seat those that need assistance. This will happen 10 minutes before the hour (speed of seating is another desired goal so we are balancing that concern as well).

How are you handling people with health conditions? Are people who aren’t as physically mobile at a disadvantage?

We are focusing on reducing standing inline. There will be chairs in the surrounding area for anyone that may need them. And please ask a host for assistance.

What about people with hearing difficulties? How will they know about the call for boarding groups?

We will use clearly visible signs in addition audible calls to show when each group is boarding.

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