Supporting Games on Demand

Do you love Games On Demand?

Do you want Games On Demand to be even more successful?

Please consider donating to help us run amazing games for you!

Are you a fan of Games on Demand?

Do you:

  • love playing games at Games On Demand?
  • design or publish games that Games On Demand introduces to new people?
  • want Games On Demand to continue growing and expanding to new shows?

Games On Demand makes Conventions more fun for more people.


We run events at major conventions where it is sometimes hard to find a good game. At our events, you can just show up and play. No planning, no preparation. Just fun! Our volunteers bring a diverse array of rare and cutting-edge games you might not get to play elsewhere.


Because we’re like you! We’re players, designers, and volunteers. We love games, and we love playing them with friends. This is the convention experience we wanted so we did it ourselves. We’re making our own fun and sharing it with you.

We’re looking for donations!

We pay for Games On Demand out of our own pockets. Individual volunteers pay to print up signage, menus, character sheets, materials, and much more. The more successful we get, the higher these costs become.

Playing at our event is either free or costs whatever the convention charges for tickets. We don’t currently collect any funds from ticket sales.

We could raise ticket prices to pay for our expenses, but we don’t want that. We want to keep Games On Demand an easy and affordable experience for everyone.

Instead we’re putting up a tip jar.

We’ve been fortunate to receive some support in the past from a few retailer and publisher supporters, and we’d like to take that a step further and ask you for your support.

Any donations we receive will go into a fund to pay for materials we need to run the event successfully. This will let our volunteers focus on running great games for you at Gen Con, Origins, PAX East, and other conventions.

Excess funds will be used at the next major show, or to help support efforts to start a Games on Demand event at new regional conventions.

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