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Feelin’ underappreciated? Unloved? Here’s a little snippet from a thread at called “What cool thing are you doing at Gen Con?” to set your heart right:

“The games on demand crew were great last year. I had had trouble with my log in, so had very little booked until the last minute last year. As I live in the UK, this was my first gencon and a bit of a pilgrimage for me. I was worried I was going to end up disappointed in gencon because of my cock up.

But no! I took general tickets to games on demand. They ran me a series of really fun games. They were super friendly and nice even to a total random stranger. I met people who wrote random indie games I buy. I chose someone’s favourite and got to play the oddest and one of the most memorable rp experience I have ever had (lindersfarm). Someone’s dresden file game made me buy both the rpg and the novels. All in all I had a blast, and it was at least 80% due to those guys.

Go check them out. They were great.

Also, if you get to choose what game the gm will run (there are usually 2 options) the choice “whichever you are more passionate about running” is a fine one. I only tried it once and got a truely memorable gaming experience.”

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  1. Ditto to this, last year my wife and I got none of our items on the wish list despite being there to push the button.  GoD filled in the gaming gap quite nicely.  This year we intend to return (even if we actually get an event or two from our wish list).  It’s great chance to try out new and unusual games.

  2. Thanks for playing with us, and thanks even more for coming back! As a GM, I have really enjoyed the session’s I have run at GoD – The kind of person who comes to GoD to play is, in my opinion, a special kind of gamer. Open minded, ready to have fun, and just a pleasure to run a game for would be the quick descriptions that come to mind.