Games on Demand at U•Con in Ann Arbor, MI

Games on Demand at U•Con in Ann Arbor, MI

Shane Harsch is part of the U•Con event staff and is currently trying to recruit volunteers to organize an instance of Games on Demand there.

Are you a local, or someone interested in attending to help make this happen? Have you volunteered (or even organized) for one of the other shows? 

This would be a great opportunity to create a fun, new event and broaden the exposure for a bunch of great, small games. If you’re interested in helping to lead this effort, Contact Shane and sign up!
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  1. I’m local and it seems like something I might be able to do. :)

    Matthew Gwinn? anna maurya?

  2. Very tempting as my parents live in the Detroit burbs and I tend to be out that way for thanksgiving, but I won’t know if I’ll be free yet.

  3. To be clear, the event isn’t an actual thing yet- it needs one or more people willing to take on the organization of it, with a lot of support from the convention staff.

  4. Thanks, Steve Segedy. U•Con really appreciates the help. Steve is absolutely right. I am on the con staff and I am looking to get the ball rolling. Roger Edge has volunteered to help coordinate the efforts around the events and the room itself (taking point on the event coordination), but neither he nor I have run GoD. Jason Walters of IPR pointed me in this direction and I am hoping to solidify an approach. Leonard Balsera has stated that his U•Con plans this year will hopefully be to park himself in the GoD room and just run stuff all weekend (or at least between beers). We are trying to gauge if we have enough interest in a GoD room at U•Con and if there are volunteers interested in helping to run the room, as well as GMs interested in running events for the room. 

    If there are any questions about the con, you can direct them to me or post to our FB group or G+ Community. 

    Our interest is not in a one-time thing. We want to make GoD a core part of our con experience and event plan for the future. 

    Thank you. 

  5. I am also up for helping out with this

  6. Shane Harsch I haven’t precisely “run” a GoD event before, but I’m a veteran of GoD Origins and Gen Con. I’ll run games all weekend and contribute to organizing however I can. If Matthew Gwinn is pitching in, and it looks like he is, he’ll bring a bunch of layout and design knowledge to the table if needed (as well as being a veteran GoD GM). If we can rope anna maurya into helping, they’ll have a couple years of intense Gen Con GoD hosting experience under their belt.

  7. We are conspiring to attend this year!

  8. I have no problem doing the menus and volunteer scheduling. I will also GM. Renee Knipe  and I live 5 minutes from Eagle Crest.

    We’ll have to do some heavy marketing I think. U-Con had an attendance of 741 last year and I’m not sure what percentage of that was indy gamers. Last year did have quite a bit of FATE & DCC, but if we want to fill tables we might have to work at it.


  9. Tempting… as there is a possibility I will be home for Thanksgiving this year…  If only I can coerce my Mom into playing…

  10. i’d be happy to help with the GoD side of things!

  11. Matthew Gwinn, Renee Knipe, anna maurya Thank you. If you wouldn’t mind, please send me a private post with your email and we can begin coordinating with Roger Edge . Anyone else that is interested, let me know as well. The online system isn’t set up to accept GoD style event submissions so let me see what I can do about that. 

  12. I’m glad this appears to be coming together! Keep me in the loop as it progresses and I’ll make updates to the GoD website accordingly.

  13. Shane Harsch — Do you still need larp support?

  14. Evan Torner we will. We have a LARP guest of honor coming in so we will have a bunch of stuff going on. Stay tuned for that and if you want to help with that (or run a LARP) piping up on that thread would be great. 

  15. Are LARPS normally part of GoD?

  16. Okay, then I suppose that will work. Space might be an issue – how does that normally work?

  17. I have to go AFK until tomorrow, so I will catch up then. Sorry :(

  18. We have a separate larp room in addition to the primary room for GoD… at both Origins and GenCon.

  19. Evan Torner that might work. We will have a dedicated LARP space at UCon so we can make sure there is one room there. However, that will be a short walk (3 min) from the GoD room most likely.

  20. Jim Crocker, think you might come?

  21. Planning is going well. We are sorting out the best way for GoD GMs to get into the system as we coordinate everything online. We are almost there.

  22. So awesome to see games on demand connecting with U-Con! Awesome! Will definitely direct some folks to run games this way! Again – Love what was done at Origins!!

  23. Just wanted to check in to see whether you’re accepting GM applications yet.

  24. Yes we are. You can submit your events for Games on Demand here:

  25. Because of the nature of Games on Demand, our current reg system doesn’t support it well. We are going to make changes to that for next year, but this year we are tackling it in this way.