Strategicon Orccon 2017 (Feb 17-20)

Hey folks. Just wanted to share some success with this format over at Strategicon Orccon 2017 (Feb 17-20).

Specifically on Saturday that weekend, we ran a very loose RPG Games on Demand. We had a set of sessions for the morning and afternoon time slots, and had 16 people / 4 tables for the morning (The Quiet Year w/ Lego, Fiasco, Swords and Wizardry, Dread) + 10 people / 2 tables in the afternoon (Forget-Me-Not: Murder Hobo, Dungeon World), and another ad hoc table in between sessions of 4 people playing The Quiet Year w/ Lego.

We did it very much like the Donut at GoPlayNW, where we just gathered up, gauged a number of GMs and volunteers, pitched some stuff, and then gamed.

I did have to do some double-duty due to a low number of GMs (kicked off a Quiet Year then ran Dread in the morning; kicked off Forget-Me-Not then ran Dungeon World in the afternoon), but otherwise it felt quite successful.

What worked well : We had a good thoroughfare space which got us attention, but was still tucked away enough for non-interrupted play. I made about a dozen GoD sheets that get people to stop and read, and helped get folks thinking and excited to game (see attached image). The support of Jim Sandoval who heads RPGs here is exemplary. Word seems to be spreading and excitement is building.

What could use work : Need more GM critical mass. Better communication in the con book. Signage to prevent spillover from the open gaming room in taking our tables. Signage for the area in general. (most of this Jim’s gonna take care of; it was a learning experience)

That said, as we try to grow this over at Strategicon (next one is Gamex 2017 in May), I think I’d love some discussion of options or what works at other cons, just to get ideas.

Anyways, thought I’d report here in case other useful feedback and discussion helps.