Originally shared by Kira Magrann

Originally shared by Kira Magrann


Looking over the schedule, I’m super excited personally to play:

– Plasma Torchbearer: USCMC

– Cartel

– The Sprawl

– Breaking the Ice

– No Country for Old Kobolds

– 1001 Nights

– Swords Without Master

– Psi*Run

– Tenra Bansho Zero

– Kagematsu

– Mobilize (my larp in playtest!)

Check out the indie games explosion page for the mostly exhaustive list of games we’re offering this year!


Origins Games on Demand 2015

Origins Games on Demand 2015

Hey friends! We’re starting to organize Games on Demand for Origins this year! I’m super excited! Last year was such a success, with great friends, food, and games both tabletop and LARP.

It’s held here in my city: Columbus Ohio June 3rd-7th

Games on Demand, in case you’re not familiar, is an open-gaming event put on at various game conventions. It typically consists of a designated area with tables, material and a constant supply of GMs prepared to run a variety of independent and cutting edge games. Here’s our website for more info: https://www.indiegamesexplosion.org/games-on-demand/

Are you interested in volunteering? Will I see your wonderful face there? Do you know people who are interested in volunteering?

Let me know! I’m sending out organizing emails shortly!


The Origins 2014 Games on Demand Stats

The Origins 2014 Games on Demand Stats

[Reshared from another post: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+EvanTorner/posts/6LkAjV8g8zQ]

Player Counts

Thursday Morning: 7 tables, 23 players (Larp: 0)

Thursday Afternoon: 9 tables, 40 players (Larp: 0)

Thursday Evening: 11 tables, 51 players (Larp: 13)

Friday Morning: 8 tables, 30 players (Larp: 8)

Friday Afternoon: 10 tables, 40 players (Larp: 6)

Friday Evening: 9 tables, 41 players (Larp: 0)

Saturday Morning: 6 tables, 27 players (Larp: 5)

Saturday Afternoon: 12 tables, 57 players (Larp: 0)

Saturday Evening: 15 tables, 76 players (Larp: 5)

Sunday Morning: 6 tables, 30 players (Larp: 5)

Game Counts

Here are the number of times each individual system was run (For my own edification, I put AW next to systems Powered by the Apocalypse, Fate by those using the FATE rules):

Dungeon World (AW) 7

Urban Shadows (AW) 6

Project: Dark 5

Swords without Master 5

Atomic Robo (Fate) 4

Dragonknights (Fate) 4

Iron Edda (Fate) 4

Clash 3

Dream Askew (AW) 3

FATE Core (Fate) 3

Feng Shui II 3

Fiasco 3

Monsterhearts (AW) 3

World Wide Wrestling (AW) 3

By the Book (AW) 2

The Devil, John Moulton 2

The Fifth World 2

Headspace 2

Itras By 2

Mouse World (AW) 2

Night Witches (AW) 2

Nobilis 2

Souls of Steel (AW) 2

The Warren (AW) 2

Wrath of the Autarch (Fate) 2

Adventurers 1

Apocalypse World (AW) 1

Cthulhu Dark 1

Dresden Files (Fate) 1

Durance 1

Heroine 1

How to Be Human 1

Medical Bay Three 1

No Country for Old Kobolds (AW) 1

Psi*Run 1

Sagas of the Icelanders (AW) 1

Silent Night 1

Spark 1

Tabletop Blockbuster (Fate?) 1

Trail of Cthulhu 1


The Climb 3

Juggernaut 2

City of Fire & Coin 1

How to Be Human (Larp) 1

Summer Lovin’ 1


Origins Indie Games on Demand tease!

Origins Indie Games on Demand tease!

– 44 GMs

– 78 different games (at bare minimum!)

– Larps on Demand!


– Lots of new and exciting looking stuff!


– Tell me about your character booth

– More diversity than last year in our GM group!

– Jeni’s Ice Cream


Indie Games on Demand at Origins 2014

Indie Games on Demand at Origins

We Want You!

Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio is my favorite game convention of the year. Why?

It’s super laid back and fun, and I actually get to hang out with people, eat delicious Columbus food and drink delicious Columbus drinks, and play all of my favorite indie games with all my favorite indie people without running around like mad like at a gigantic convention like Gencon.

Evan Torner Jim Crocker and I are organizing Indie Games on Demand again this year!

We’ll have:

– A new streamlined signup process

– An amazing team of GMs and players

– The hot new small press and independently designed games you want to try

– Support for people new to gaming and GMing

– Jeni’s Ice cream

– The awesomeness that is the indie/storygaming/people that like edgy and new games community

We could use your help!

If you’re interested in GMing:

If you run four games you can get a free badge!

Fill out this survey: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?usp=drive_web&formkey=dFdnR2dJaWNhd3hIb3cyYzJEa0RLakE6MA#gid=0

If you’re interested in attending:

Check out the Origins website, and Indie Games on Demand site on Facebook!



One of my goals is to even further diversify our GM team this year, and if you identify as a woman, POC, or are LGBTQ, I would love it if you would consider helping us out!

Alternately, if you can’t make it, and I understand life and things, please help us spread the word by sharing this post on your social media, and asking friends you might know are going to check us out.

Thanks friends! Game on!



After months of gathering reviews and doing the hard work of bending my elbow and stuffing my face, I present you with the Origins Food Tour! This map will guide you to a select list of some of my (and my friends’) favorite restaurants, bars, cafes, and sweet shops in Columbus!

Link For Computers: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=ziymYmcnPjlw.kih_P9Xzhdg0

Link For Phones: https://www.google.com/maps/ms?msid=201537212975151054922.0004deaebf396b1da5bf6&msa=0&ll=39.977482,-83.001891&spn=0.004193,0.010568 

Here is the legend to help find your way around:

Stars (Blue or White) = Travis’ Top Picks (If you can get to these places, do so!)

Knife & Fork = Restaurants

Dollar Bill = Upscale (Expect entrees in the $22-40 range, and many have sandwiches in the $10-$15 range.)

Martini Glass = Bars

Coffee Mug = Cafes

Green Marker = Vegetarian/Vegan (Indicates either primarily veg or a good selection.)

White Diamond = Sweets

Red Triangle = Avoid this place!

I concentrated on stuff that’s within a ~20 minute walk. There a few places that are a 10-20 minute drive, both because they shouldn’t be missed and because – believe it or not – some folks like to get away from the convention center.

I tried to include upscale places, because I know people sometimes have business dinners or nice dates with their SOs at Origins.

I added the places to avoid, because some of them look appealing when you walk by, but for one reason or another they just aren’t worth the trouble.

I included a bunch of bars, because a) Columbus has lots of bars (many of whicih also serve food) and b) lots of people like to get their drink on at Origins.

If anything is unclear, not showing up properly, or needs adjusting, just let me know!

If you find a place that you think should be added, please let me know!