Origins Food and Drink Map

I made a map for Food and Drink in Columbus for Origins.

This will be especially helpful navigating around the Columbus Pride crowds too! As a Columbus local, these are some of my favorite places to go in the neighborhood just north of the convention center, The Short North!
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  1. If you were a sushi boat ready to be devoured in Columbus next weekend, where would you be?

  2. Oh geez. Haiku maybe? Most of the good sushi is just north of the city in the suburbs, I hear, but I don’t really do sushi.

  3. Aaron Griffin  There was, and the map still shows its name, a sushi place right next to the North Market parking lot but it’s been a few years since I went there, and I went there with others who wanted the sushi. I just ordered something that wasn’t sushi. If you are up trying it share what you think.