Games on Demand at Gen Con Indy and Summer Knights Online – August 2024

This year, Games on Demand will once again be offering in-person games at Gen Con in Indianapolis! At the same time we’ll also be hosting games online through a new event called Summer Knights Online. Both events will take place on the first weekend of August, 2024!

Gen Con Indy – August 1-3, 2024

Games on Demand at Gen Con will be following our classic in-person format. The event will take place in the Westin Hotel in Grand Ballroom 3 on the second floor, near the convention center skywalk. Sessions will run from 2pm-10pm on Thursday and 10am-10pm on Friday and Saturday. There won’t be any sessions on Sunday.

If you’ll be attending Gen Con, we’d love to have you join us and play some games! No registration necessary, just bring some generic tickets and enthusiasm! And if you’d like to volunteer to run games or help us run the event, just fill out this volunteer form.

Summer Knights Online – August 2-4, 2024

Summer Knights Online is a new online charity convention being coordinated by several organizations including our own Games on Demand Online volunteers as well as Good Games for a Good Cause, RPG Alliance Con, and others. Proceeds from the event will support World Central Kitchen.

Unlike our in-person events, the schedule will be largely set in advance so that game runners and event runners know whether there is enough interest in their session to prepare.

Summer Knights Online is currently looking for game runners to offer more games and workshop/seminar presenters to propose more sessions. We will have independent RPGs, D&D, and other RPGs throughout the weekend. You can sign up and submit games here:

For questions and additional information, you can check out the Good Games for Good Cause Discord.