Dexcon 2012 – Indie Games Explosion

Indie Games Explosion is back for Dexcon 15 and this year there have been  some awesome additions to the convention.

Today at 2pm the registration for Dexcon 15 goes Live! Today you can register for the convention and seven new Signature events. Check them out with the links below.

Seven Signature Events
The $5000 Interactive Puzzle Challenge
The $1000 Team Space Marine Championship 
2012 Iron GM Reginional Semi-Final
The $1000 Beat the Mob! Game Show
The $1000 Night’s Black Agents Team Championship 
The $1000 Space Cadets – Live! Experience 
The $500 Summer Poker Championship

If you are interested in running scheduled games, let us know. GMs who put in enough games will receive comped badges.

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