Indie Games eXplosion at Dreamation 2015

Dreamation 2015 is going to be an amazing gaming convention in Morristown, New Jersey, scheduled for February 19-February 22, 2015, hosted by Double Exposure, Inc.

Michael and Kathryn Miller are once again organizing an Indie Games eXplosion event. If you would like to run games as part of the eXplosion, please fill out this Google form:

The deadline for events is January 4, 2015.

The IGX is only for Scheduled tabletop events. For LARPs and LARP-like events, please contact Avonelle Wing as soon as possible, as space goes quickly!

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us either on Google Plus, or via Gmail:

As events come in, Michael will put together a preliminary schedule so we can watch the awesomeness grow before our very eyes!

If you have already submitted events directly though the Double Exposure website and would like to be considered part of IGX, please fill out the IGX form with the exact same information you submitted, so we can include you.

Thanks, and please pass this along to anyone we may have missed.

See you in February!

Indie Games Explosion at Dreamation 2014

Dreamation 2014 is being held in Morristown, NJ from February 20-February 23, 2014. The convention page is:

This will be the tenth annual Indie Games Explosion at Dreamation. Since 2005 we have presented one of the finest slates of scheduled events, including indie RPGs and American freeform games. We have grown from hosting fewer than two dozen events in 2005 to nearly a hundred in recent years.

Here’s the link to the current schedule of events, which includes details on how to register to run games:

We are still accepting new events until January 10, 2014. GMs who run at least two events get a free badge to the convention. Hope to see lots of faces both new and old!

Dexcon 2012 – Indie Games Explosion

Indie Games Explosion is back for Dexcon 15 and this year there have been  some awesome additions to the convention.

Today at 2pm the registration for Dexcon 15 goes Live! Today you can register for the convention and seven new Signature events. Check them out with the links below.

Seven Signature Events
The $5000 Interactive Puzzle Challenge
The $1000 Team Space Marine Championship 
2012 Iron GM Reginional Semi-Final
The $1000 Beat the Mob! Game Show
The $1000 Night’s Black Agents Team Championship 
The $1000 Space Cadets – Live! Experience 
The $500 Summer Poker Championship

If you are interested in running scheduled games, let us know. GMs who put in enough games will receive comped badges.

Gen Con 2012 – IGE Games on Demand

Games on Demand is back for Gen Con 2012, and this year we’ve made some modest improvements to the format that are going to make it even more fun for everyone.

The event will be held in the Convention Center on the upper floor overlooking the Exhibitor hall. We’ll have our own 12 table room, giving us twice the space we had last year, in a more central location. To make best use of the space, we’ll be splitting the tables into both standard Games on Demand open gaming and scheduled games, taking tickets for both as we did last year (1 specific or generic ticket / 2 hour slot).

If you’re interested in running scheduled games or volunteering to GM open games or help facilitate GoD, let us know. Volunteers and GMs who put in enough hours will get comped badges (and maybe a place to sleep). In addition, Indie Press Revolution and possibly other vendors will be offering discounts for GMs and players.