LARPS On Demand

LARPS On Demand

Throughout the year, post GoD success, I’ve been talking with various folks I know who are interested in how to host LARPs via GoD. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll be able to elaborate on this fully, but here are my thoughts on the process:

The Games:

-3 minimum and up to 12-15 players per game

-2 1/2 to 4 hours in length

-no previous LARP experience required, all rules taught at game

-hosted by 1 GM or more

-genre: parlor, Jeepform, Nordic, homebrew, American Freefrom, etc.

1 day (or more) before the game

-GM contacts Gen Con staff (via the info tables located throughout the convention) to reserve a room, which likely could be at a hotel

-at GoD, I’m thinking we can have a whiteboard or poster area only for pimping your LARP. You leave the basic info (name, time, very short description of game). Players interested in larps then can see what/when/how and plan accordingly. GoD staff only need to know that if a player is interested, they need to show up at little before that time, say 10 minutes. GMs should be earlier, say 20 minutes prior to gather players, first come first serve.

-come time for the game, GMs come back to GoD and pitch the game again and/or find players…then go and game!


-last year it was fairly easy to find rooms. This year with Gen Con seeming so full, this might be harder to do

-GMs should budget about 30 minutes into the game time for gathering players and getting to their gaming space

-GMs need to be proactive pitching their game! I’m thinking they should have a pre-printed summary of their game to leave at the LARP board, but any time they’re at GoD they should suggest players take a look at the LARP offerings

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  1. I want to do this really bad. We basically did it last year, cadging space after hours and so on. But it’s a little bootleg to commandeer an abandoned conference room in Embassy Suites.

  2. There’s no bootlegging necessary! The Gen Con Ops can find you a room and reserve it for as requested. Some GMs did it last year for their games, worked great.

  3. I’ve been mulling over how we could arrange one room so that there are tables in the front and open space in the back, perhaps separated by some sort of barrier. We should figure it out now though so that we (meaning you guys) can pitch it to Derek at Origins.

  4. Are we talking foam larps or theatre, or another?

    This would be very interesting to me if it is theatre-style.

  5. The kind of larp I’m pitching here I guess is what you call theater, but the genre includes parlor, Jeepform, American Freeform. Essentially a contained short story/plot/drama within a small amount of time with a smallish cast, with very light/freeform rules. No experience required, characters are cast or created at the game.

  6. Sounds like I have some studying up to do on larp forms! Sounds right up my alley!

  7. I just want to say I’m so in if this happens and am willing to run/organize or play games. Or just plain old cheerlead and drag people to it. Of course, you already knew that. ;)