Games on Demand is happening at DragonCon!

Games on Demand is happening at DragonCon! We are in the AmericasMart building 1 , second floor, up the escalators to the right. Can’t miss the sign!

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  1. That’s what we are counting on. Word

    of mouth. Organic growth. I just want

    to con to acknowledge that what we

    do is valuable and not just weird.

  2. Over the course of the day we ran 13 games for 42 players (with zero advertising in the DragonCon system and, excepting Scott’s banner, with signage that has room for improvement). We won’t win any awards for quantity (we did have only 6 game start times) but I am proud of the experience we offered: a daughter going to get her dad to join her in a game of Everyone is John, an avowed Pathfinder/D&D player sitting down for a Big Eyes, Small Mouth game with a somber look then lighting up during the game and coming back for another one later that night, Jasen Johns turning a Hero Kids game into full-on LARP, Tony Reyes convincing two players to start running Dungeon World, Paul McBride going full evangelical on the beauty of the Apocalypse World engine with some folks stopping by the table. I will take the small victories this year, retool and come back even better next year.

  3. I’m glad to hear that things went that well, all things considered. And I’m disappointed that I got sick and was unable to run the Fate games I had prepped. Maybe next year.