Origins 2018 Games on Demand Numbers

Thanks to everyone who came out to join us in Columbus for Origins 2018, and to all of our excellent volunteers for making the event a success! As usual, we’ve assembled our session records and wanted to share them with you.

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Overall Numbers

This year we seated 493 players in 107 games with a staff of roughly 44 volunteers, not including several who stepped in to help run games during the show.

In 2017, we seated 454 players in 99 games with a staff of 38 GMs.
In 2016, we seated 605 players in 121 games with a staff of 46 GMs.
In 2015, we seated 463 players in 103 games with a staff of 36 GMs.
In 2014, we seated 457 players in 101 games with staff of 44 GMs.

Time Slots and Capacity

Here is how the time slots broke down in terms of player count:

Thursday morning – 27 players
Thursday afternoon – 44 players
Thursday night – 55 players

Friday morning – 49 players
Friday afternoon – 69 players
Friday night – 53 players and 32 attendees to the Ghost Court show

Saturday morning – 48 players
Saturday afternoon – 69 players
Saturday night – 51 players

Sunday morning – 28 players

Games Played

56 Individual Game Titles

Almost Human: Cortex Prime (x2)
Arabian World (x2)
The Bat Hack
Beyond the Wall
BFF (x2)
Blades in the Dark (x5)
Bluebeard’s Bride (x4)
Cartel (x2)
Castles and Crusades (D&D)
Cat-Pocalypse World (x3)
Circle of Power (x2)
Companions: Dr. Who PbtA (x3)
A Cozy Den
The Curious Death of Violet Evans (x3)
Deadlands Noir (x2)
The Devil, John Moulton
Dogs in the Vineyard (x3)
Dream Chaser (x2)
FATE: Star Wars KOTOR (x2)
Good Society
The Han Cluster
Hearts of Wu-Lin (x4)
Improv for Gamers
Infinite Galaxies (x2)
Iron Edda Accelerated (x2)
Masks: A New Generation (x5)
Metal Showcase 11 pm
Misspent Youth
Monsterhearts (x2)
One Child’s Heart (x2)
Operation Blackbird
Pasíon de las Pasiones
Praxis: The Black Monk
Praxis: King of Storms (x2)
A Quiet Place in Hell (x2)
The Quiet Year (x4)
Sig (x2)
Skeletons (x4)
Something Is Wrong Here
The Sprawl (x2)
Star Crossed (x3)
Stars Fall Up
Tachyon Squadron (x3)
Thousand Arrows
Urban Shadows
Velvet Glove (x2)
Xenolanguage (x3)
The Warren
The Watch
Worlds in Peril
Velvet Glove
World Wide Wrestling

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