Games on Demand Online: Winter Games Feb. 16-18, 2024

Well, it’s been another year! Some things have changed. Some haven’t. One thing that hasn’t changed: Everyone still needs something to look forward to in February. It’s still cold and icy, most people aren’t holding conventions, and it still hasn’t got any long weekend holidays.

February: Still The Worst.
February: Still the worst, ever since the Roman Empire raided some days to get it over with sooner. (And possibly even before that.)

So here’s our solution to the February blahs: Games on Demand Online’s Winter Games on Feb. 16-18, 2024! Join game designers, game hosts, and players from all over the world at a convention held entirely online. No need to drive on ice or fight weather delayed flights! Make a cup of hot tea, wrap up with your favorite warm blanket, put on your fluffy slippers, and log in.

We want this convention to be available to everyone, so it’s still free! We’re also continuing to support accessibility, inclusion and safety guidance for game runners and players. We anticipate the game proposal form will be available by the end of the year.

In the meantime, join our Discord for the latest.

ETA: Registration is now open!

Registration is now open for Games on Demand Online 2024 . Woot! 🎉

Also, the Virtual Dealers’ Room is accepting links and descriptions of indie games and other convention-related dealer-room-style opportunities. Because everyone deserves a chance to browse for dice and blue wigs and cat meme shirts, even at virtual cons!

This is a community sourced dealers room! Please contribute links to anything you think others might like to know about – and if you go shopping at any of them, maybe mention that you were referred to them by Games on Demand Online, so they might consider running a session or a workshop sometime!

Still taking proposals if you are feeling inspired!

Got a game or a playtest or a workshop you’d like to run? Fill out our proposal form!

The Warhorn listings will be automatically updated from the proposal forms once a day.

Games on Demand at GenCon Online

Hello, indie game enthusiasts! Games on Demand’s GenCon presence will be at GenCon Online this year, meaning you can join us whether or not you’re in Iindianapolis!

We’ve proposed 20 games and seminars that you can play from wherever you are. The GenCon Online event calendar opens on June 30, and registration opens July 9.

Watch the GenCon Online page for more:

Where to find us:

Once the event registration system opens, search for “Games on Demand” in titles and descriptions, or look for events by the Indie Games Explosion group.

Games on Demand Online!

Games on Demand Online!

Have you missed gaming with us at your favorite convention? We’ve missed you too! That’s why our dedicated volunteers have organized Games on Demand Online, taking place this month, August 28th-30th. We hope you’ll join us!

If you have a game you’d like to run, we’d love to have you! Come sign up by filling out the registration form.

Tickets for playing in the event will be available on August 17th. All funds from the event will be donated to The Bail Project and the NAACP LDF. Come throw some virtual dice with us!

Games on Demand at Origins Online

As most of you already know, Origins has been postponed until October due to the pandemic, and in its place GAMA is putting together Origins Online from June 19-21, 2020. While we’re disappointed that we won’t be able to see you all and play games face-to-face, we’re excited to join the fun online!

Click the button below to submit your games to GoD Origins Online submissions form. In order for us to have time to process and batch load games to Origins, the submission deadline is May 10, 18:00 EST.

We expect that Origins will be limiting the overall number of events, and there will probably be lots of other unexpected differences from the Columbus show. We don’t know exactly how things are going to work yet, but we’ll all figure it out together.  Thanks, folks!

– The Origins GoD Team

Games on Demand at PAX Unplugged

PAX Unplugged Logo

PAX Unplugged is coming at the end of November in Philadelphia! Games on Demand will be there with more tables than ever and we still have room for volunteers. We’re looking for people willing to run games in 2 and 4 hour slots, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Based on the demand from last year, you’re practically guaranteed to have a table full of eager players ready to game!

Whether you’re volunteering or playing, you’ll find us in Room 105B, the same space as last year. We’re open from 10AM-11:30PM Friday and Saturday, and from 10 AM-6 PM on Sunday!

To sign up, join us on our Discord server, and check out the pinned information in the Unplugged thread.

We hope to see you all in Philadelphia!


Gen Con 2018: Thanks For Playing!

A Snapshot of Game Menus from the 2018 Gen Con Games on DemandThanks to all of you who joined as a volunteer or a player at the Gen Con 2018 Games on Demand! Despite our change in location to the Hyatt’s third floor, we managed to fill just about every game we had and put smiles on a lot of faces.

How did We Do?

If you’d like to give us your feedback about your experience with Games on Demand, we invite you to fill out our feedback survey!

Show Your Support!

Running this event has some costs, so if you had a good time at the show, consider throwing us a donation for supplies!

Join Us!

If you’re interested in volunteering with us at a future show or just want to know where the next event will take place, join our mailing list!

Overall Numbers

Our records are a little spotty, but this year we seated roughly 975 players in 198 games with a staff of more than 58 volunteers, including several who stepped in to help run games during the show. Thanks again for being part of this great year!

Read on for a full list of the games played by frequency.

The Games on Demand room full of players at Gen Con 2018

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See You This Week at Gen Con 2018!

The 2018 Gen Con Games on Demand starts this week! We hope we’ll see you there, in our space at the Hyatt Regency hotel, third floor, Cosmopolitan ballroom B. Use the following map to find your way, and feel free to download and print copies to hand out to your friends!

Indie Games Explosion Map for Gen Con 2018

We’ll be running games starting at 10am on Thursday and ending at 2pm on Sunday. For full details about the Gen Con show runs, see

If you plan to join us at the show, or if you’re just a fan of Games on Demand and want to help out, we can always use donations to print materials and support our volunteers. You can send your contributions to

If you’d like to know what games we’ll be offering, feel free to check out our tabletop and larp menus. Please note that these PDF files are pretty large!

Origins 2018 Games on Demand Numbers

Thanks to everyone who came out to join us in Columbus for Origins 2018, and to all of our excellent volunteers for making the event a success! As usual, we’ve assembled our session records and wanted to share them with you.

If you’d like to give us your feedback about your experience with Games on Demand, we invite you to fill out our feedback survey!

If you had a good time at the show and want to support Games on Demand in the future, we encourage you to join us as a volunteer at an upcoming show or consider throwing us a donation for supplies!

If you’re interested in staying on top of upcoming events, please join our mailing list.

We will be seeking interested game facilitators for Origins 2019 already in August, because hotel rooms go live already in September.

If you’d like to sign up to volunteer for Gen Con Games on Demand, we are still taking submissions!

Overall Numbers

This year we seated 493 players in 107 games with a staff of roughly 44 volunteers, not including several who stepped in to help run games during the show.

In 2017, we seated 454 players in 99 games with a staff of 38 GMs.
In 2016, we seated 605 players in 121 games with a staff of 46 GMs.
In 2015, we seated 463 players in 103 games with a staff of 36 GMs.
In 2014, we seated 457 players in 101 games with staff of 44 GMs.

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Gen Con 2018 – Call for Volunteers

Gen Con Games on Demand Logo

The Call for Gen Con Volunteers is Now Open!

If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to sign up for Gen Con Games on Demand, the time is now! This event will take place in Indianapolis, IN, August 2-5, 2018. We hope that you’ll join us and help to make this year our best event so far!

To sign up, just fill out this form:

Once you sign up, we’ll add your email to our volunteer mailing list and follow up with more information soon, including a request to gather details about the games you want to run. Read on for more details about the event!

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Games on Demand is Coming to PAX Unplugged!

PAX Unplugged Logo

Attention game lovers, masters, and facilitators alike! Games on Demand will be in Philadelphia this week for the first ever PAX Unplugged. We will be running a variety of indie tabletop RPGs, starting new games every two hours. We hope you’ll join us for a game- no experience or materials are necessary!

You’ll find us in Room 105AB, below the open gaming. We’re open from 10AM till Midnight Friday and Saturday, and from 10 AM till 2 PM on Sunday!

We’re also still looking for some volunteers to help fill our tables and bring the joy of indie games to the masses. If you love running games, volunteering is a great way to share that game you love. As an added bonus we have dedicated tables and delightful hosts that help gather up players. It’s nothing but wins all around!

If you have a few hours to spare please reach out to or volunteer coordinator Brian Liberge through our contact page. If you have at least 8 hours to spare we even have a few complimentary badges to give away, but supplies are limited.

We hope to see you all in Philadelphia!