Games on Demand at Kapcon 2017

Originally shared by Michael Sands

This is for people within reach of Wellington, New Zealand in January:

Would you like to help facilitate Games on Demand at Kapcon 2017? (see

Necessary qualifications are:

– You would like to run some games, and okay with exactly which game it is being decided right then on the day.

Low-preparation games are obviously stars here, but games/adventures with prep done in advance are great too (as long as it can be played on demand!) You also get to claim the GM’s reduced entry fee and preferential game picks.

My plan this year is to have each facilitator offer either 2 or 4 games, which I’ll use to make a menu of games, with a picture and game info.

I’ll be aiming to do something like this:

Have a think about if you’d like to take part, and let me know (either PM here or email to

No need to decide which games or how many sessions you would like to facilitate yet – we’ll do that later.