GoD at PAX South

GoD at PAX South

Hey everyone! Who here is interested in seeing Games on Demand at PAX South? Andi Carrison would like to help us make that happen!

“I manage the Tabletop department for PAX South, and I’m looking to find the right folk to lead and coordinate a Games on Demand presence there. Last year (its inaugural year), there was no GoD at PAX South. I want to remedy that going forward, as it’s important to me that GoD has a presence at PAX. In short, I’d like to invite GoD to PAX South.

PAX South is January 29th-31st in San Antonio, TX at the Henry B

Gonzalez Convention Center. I’d love to talk about what this could look like.”

So who’s interested in stepping up to make this happen? 

Games on Demand at U•Con in Ann Arbor, MI

Games on Demand at U•Con in Ann Arbor, MI

Shane Harsch is part of the U•Con event staff and is currently trying to recruit volunteers to organize an instance of Games on Demand there.


Are you a local, or someone interested in attending to help make this happen? Have you volunteered (or even organized) for one of the other shows? 

This would be a great opportunity to create a fun, new event and broaden the exposure for a bunch of great, small games. If you’re interested in helping to lead this effort, Contact Shane and sign up!