Gencon Indie Games on Demand: GM Tutorial and Q+A

In case you missed it last night: Gencon Indie Games on Demand: GM Tutorial and Q+A

We’ll be covering all this again on Wednesday night at Gencon as well!

We talked about:

– how signups work

– how to prepare for your games

– what you’re responsible for as Host or GM

– pitching games to players

– teaching rules

– time management

– our harassment policy

– what to do about problems

– 2 and 4 hour time slots

– adult and queer content

– how much time to spend on intros

– and more!

Live action games at Gen Con!

Live action games at Gen Con!

This is only tangentially related to GoD but if you are into GoD this may excite you. Also we may poach GoD space after hours if that is possible.

There are a bunch of us who are really into focused live action games, American Freeform, parlor larps and the like, and we are all bringing crazy stuff to try out and share. I’d like to discuss this, make some rough plans, figure out the logistics, and see who is interested.

At Origins this year there was a Jeepform sampler (Previous Occupants and Lady & Otto), a session of The Tribunal, and my big game Sirai got run twice. At Gen Con there will be more people and more game!

So: If you are bringing stuff you’d like to run, shout it out here. If you definitely want to try some live action games, shout out here. If you have a line on a good play space … shout out here.



After months of gathering reviews and doing the hard work of bending my elbow and stuffing my face, I present you with the Origins Food Tour! This map will guide you to a select list of some of my (and my friends’) favorite restaurants, bars, cafes, and sweet shops in Columbus!

Link For Computers:

Link For Phones:,-83.001891&spn=0.004193,0.010568 

Here is the legend to help find your way around:

Stars (Blue or White) = Travis’ Top Picks (If you can get to these places, do so!)

Knife & Fork = Restaurants

Dollar Bill = Upscale (Expect entrees in the $22-40 range, and many have sandwiches in the $10-$15 range.)

Martini Glass = Bars

Coffee Mug = Cafes

Green Marker = Vegetarian/Vegan (Indicates either primarily veg or a good selection.)

White Diamond = Sweets

Red Triangle = Avoid this place!

I concentrated on stuff that’s within a ~20 minute walk. There a few places that are a 10-20 minute drive, both because they shouldn’t be missed and because – believe it or not – some folks like to get away from the convention center.

I tried to include upscale places, because I know people sometimes have business dinners or nice dates with their SOs at Origins.

I added the places to avoid, because some of them look appealing when you walk by, but for one reason or another they just aren’t worth the trouble.

I included a bunch of bars, because a) Columbus has lots of bars (many of whicih also serve food) and b) lots of people like to get their drink on at Origins.

If anything is unclear, not showing up properly, or needs adjusting, just let me know!

If you find a place that you think should be added, please let me know!


LARPS On Demand

LARPS On Demand

Throughout the year, post GoD success, I’ve been talking with various folks I know who are interested in how to host LARPs via GoD. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll be able to elaborate on this fully, but here are my thoughts on the process:

The Games:

-3 minimum and up to 12-15 players per game

-2 1/2 to 4 hours in length

-no previous LARP experience required, all rules taught at game

-hosted by 1 GM or more

-genre: parlor, Jeepform, Nordic, homebrew, American Freefrom, etc.

1 day (or more) before the game

-GM contacts Gen Con staff (via the info tables located throughout the convention) to reserve a room, which likely could be at a hotel

-at GoD, I’m thinking we can have a whiteboard or poster area only for pimping your LARP. You leave the basic info (name, time, very short description of game). Players interested in larps then can see what/when/how and plan accordingly. GoD staff only need to know that if a player is interested, they need to show up at little before that time, say 10 minutes. GMs should be earlier, say 20 minutes prior to gather players, first come first serve.

-come time for the game, GMs come back to GoD and pitch the game again and/or find players…then go and game!


-last year it was fairly easy to find rooms. This year with Gen Con seeming so full, this might be harder to do

-GMs should budget about 30 minutes into the game time for gathering players and getting to their gaming space

-GMs need to be proactive pitching their game! I’m thinking they should have a pre-printed summary of their game to leave at the LARP board, but any time they’re at GoD they should suggest players take a look at the LARP offerings

Game Directory at Origins Indie Games on Demand

The Game Directory for Origins

Is here! This is a list, although not exhaustive, of games we’ll be featuring at Indie Games on Demand at Origins. Take a look see!

Most certainly there’s games not on this list that our GMs would be interested in running. If you’re curious about something you’ve heard of but it’s not on this list, just ask. Also, not all GMs can run all games. Although that would be an amazing feat, we are limited by the games we enjoy and know how to run.



Get ready to roll at Origins 2013

We’re starting to get excited about Origins! We’ve got an A list of GMs ready to run all of the games, at your demand. We’re up on the Master Event Grid as Indie Games on Demand, and pre-registration for games should be up any day now on the Origins site.

The event will take place in the Hyatt-Fairfield room and will run in three sessions each day, from 9am-1pm, 2pm-6pm, and 8pm-midnight on Thursday through Saturday and 9am-1pm on Sunday.

For more information, join our Facebook group to meet the community of GMs and players: Indie Games on Demand – Origins.

This year we’ve got pretty banners, new game menus to easily find new exciting games, nanogames, new playtests, Marvel Heroic and Monsterhearts which are both up for Origins Awards, and an exciting Jeepform larp schedule running in addition to the main event.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a PDF game menu to appear on this site. We’re making your demanding even more accessible!

We look forward to seeing you all in Columbus Ohio, rolling dice and playing games!

The Origins Indie Games on Demand Organizers,