Fundraising for Gen Con 2017

Games on Demand Gen Con 2017 Fundraiser Donation Link

We’re Fundraising for Gen Con 2017

Year after year, Games on Demand has been bringing you the best in indie games at various conventions. The event is entirely non-profit and run by volunteers, with funding from donations to cover expenses.

This year, we’re stepping up from our usual requests and using a GoFundMe campaign to ask for your help to make Games on Demand happen at Gen Con.

How Will We Use the Funds?

All of the money raised through donations will go back into making the event a success, at Gen Con this year and at future events. Here’s how we use the money:

  • Signage and printing costs: we need to print signs and the “menus” for the games our GMs offer.
  • Volunteer support: our volunteers put lots of their valuable convention time into bringing you Games on Demand. In return, we like to show our appreciation for their efforts by providing materials, games, and refreshments whenever we can.
  • Badge ribbons: we intend to make available “Games on Demand” and “Games on Demand GM” ribbons. We also want to provide “my pronouns are” ribbons in four varieties: “she/her”, “he/him”, “they/their” and fill-in-the-blank. These will be available for anyone participating in the event.

When do we need it?

As of the start of this campaign Gen Con is just a few weeks away, so we need these funds soon! If you can, please throw a few bucks our way so we can make sure this year is the best year yet for Games on Demand!

On behalf of all the organizers of Games on Demand Gen Con 2017, thank you!