Escapist Expo 2013

Another Escapist Expo has come and gone, and Games on Demand was a success again this year.  Ten awesome volunteers covering a room with 4 tables for 24 hours of gaming. By the end, the team had run 27 full games or demos for around 100 people. Here’s the list of games that were run:

5 x 13th Age

4 x Fiasco

3 x Infinite Earths

2 x Astropocalypse

2 x Carolina Death Crawl

2 x Quiet Year

2 x Tenra Bansho Zero

1 x Beyond the Wall

1 x Cortex+ Chronotrigger

1 x Dungeon World

1 x Fate Core – Fight Fire

1 x Land of Yeld

1 x Shinobigami

1 x Torchbearer

Many thanks to our volunteers David Artman, Mark Causey, Ryven Cedrylle, Clinton N. Dreisbach, Andy Kitkowski, Sarah Perry-Shipp, Bryan Shipp, Ray Watters, and Peter Williams for putting on a great event, as well as to Jonathan Bolding and Greg Tito from the Escapist for providing support to make it happen. We’re already looking forward to next year!

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