Dragon Con 2016

Please share with anyone who might be interested.

DragonCon is almost upon us so it is time to get a organized. If you are unfamiliar with what Games on Demand, or someone has forwarded this to you, GoD is almost a mini-con within the con. We are a group of volunteers that offer to run games with an emphasis on serving people new to the hobby or experienced gamers wanting to try out new or small press games.

We have two forms for volunteers to fill out and get started. The Scheduling Form everyone needs to fill out so I can make sure we have a steady supply of volunteers all day. The second form only needs to be filled out by people planning to run games.

Let me know if you are interested but haven’t received an email from Drew Owen  and we’ll get you the links. Looking forward to having some fun down south!


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Escapist Expo 2013

Another Escapist Expo has come and gone, and Games on Demand was a success again this year.  Ten awesome volunteers covering a room with 4 tables for 24 hours of gaming. By the end, the team had run 27 full games or demos for around 100 people. Here’s the list of games that were run:

5 x 13th Age

4 x Fiasco

3 x Infinite Earths

2 x Astropocalypse

2 x Carolina Death Crawl

2 x Quiet Year

2 x Tenra Bansho Zero

1 x Beyond the Wall

1 x Cortex+ Chronotrigger

1 x Dungeon World

1 x Fate Core – Fight Fire

1 x Land of Yeld

1 x Shinobigami

1 x Torchbearer

Many thanks to our volunteers David Artman, Mark Causey, Ryven Cedrylle, Clinton N. Dreisbach, Andy Kitkowski, Sarah Perry-Shipp, Bryan Shipp, Ray Watters, and Peter Williams for putting on a great event, as well as to Jonathan Bolding and Greg Tito from the Escapist for providing support to make it happen. We’re already looking forward to next year!


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