GottaCon Games on Demand

GottaCon, Victoria’s gaming convention, ran it’s own Games on Demand this year and it was a big success! The following report is from Mike Gruber, who organized the event.

One of our special events this year was called GottaConQuest in which attendees were given quests to complete for each of the six ‘pillars’ of GottaCon: Trading Card Games, Role-Playing Games, Board Games, Video Games, Miniatures, and Panels. One of the RPG quests I came up with was playing in a Games on Demand session in order to claim a badge ribbon. Showing your ribbon at our Special Events HQ then completed the quest. So we had a number of people that were completely new to role-playing play some Games on Demand to complete their quests. It was fantastic! Everyone had fun and I am pretty sure we created some new role-players at the show.

Games we ended up running included:
Dread, Dungeon World, Fate Accelerated Edition, Fiasco, Hope Inhumanity, Magister Lor, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Psi*Run, The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Time Cellist, and Zombie Cinema

The most run games were:
Fiasco (3), Psi*Run (3), Hope Inhumanity (2), Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (2), Time Cellist (2), Zombie Cinema (2)

Overall GottaCon was a great success and the RPG area saw even more growth than we anticipated. In total we ran 136 individual RPG events (including Games on Demand) for a total of 676 players!