Game Menu Samples

Pretty much done.

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  1. Jason, I’m putting together fliers for the KristaCon we’re doing at GoD. May I borrow your template and just add the KristaCon logo to the events we’re running? No sweat if you’d rather we do our own.

  2. You are THE BEST, Jason! Thank you.

  3. Hey Krista, let’s touch base about this before you do too much. Id like to coordinate what you’re doing with our other preparations. Using this template is a good start.

  4. Sounds great, Steve Segedy

  5. The font is Calibri, which is a default Microsoft typeface as well. I want it to be easy for lots of people to use.

  6. I love the fact that Terry is the face of AW.

  7. Jason Morningstar,

    So I take it that you don’t mind if we make our own fliers similar to this format? Should we get them to you or Steve Segedy afterwards?

  8. Hey Andrew, my intention is that everyone submits their games through the survey so that we can put them in Jason’s menu layout. It will be easier for the hosts and more efficient for seating if all the menus are the same.

  9. Dude, this looks bad-ass.

  10. Question, how large are the sheets? standard 8.5×11?

  11. Was just thinking how awesome wall mounted, banned sized versions that could be read while sitting in line would be. But also not very practical. What about putting a binder together of extra copies of these for whoever is on shift, so that can be passed through the line – people might then be ready to pick right as they hit the front of the line. The hosts could talk up the games as well? Just throwing crap at the wall to see if anything sticks. 

  12. That’s roughly the idea, Bob. We’ll have the menus that GMs want to offer for that slot on the table for people to look over before seating starts.

  13. I figured that, was wondering if there was a good way to spread that info further back. Remembering last year, the line was way out the door most times. Not that last year didnt work. I certainly never had an empty table, and was never short on time – so it may be a solution in search of a problem, rather than anything that actually needs to be addressed.

  14. No, you’re right, the line is definitely a challenge. We’re toying with an idea now that might get rid of the line altogether, in favor of a “seating by group” approach, letting people look over the games at their leisure.

  15. Jason Morningstar Steve Segedy John Stavropoulos  

    Is there still time to change my Wild Blue Fate Core game to Wild Blue Fate Accelerated Edition?

  16. I will try Scott, no promises, it is late in the game and that’s pretty minor

  17. I know.  Its no big I just realized I was going to go in a slightly different direction with it and I’m all for clarity and players getting what they think they are getting.

  18. I should have a promotional illustration you can use for SpaceTrouble by the end of the night.

  19. 3.5″ wide, 3″ high, CMYK 300dpi

  20. are the sheets going to be posted anywhere before the con? Might be cool to put them on line, and be able to point people at them when they ask “what games are running at GoD?”. We could then link them to this and say hey – here you go – some of that will be going on when you pop in.

  21. Yeah, we should be able to do that.

  22. Jason Morningstar What is the easiest way to get an image to you?

  23. link to it or send me a private message here

  24. Ok so Jason Morningstar  you could use the following images, kept it simple and mostly text free.

    SPARK RPG (being run by me and Jason Pitre )

    UNKNOWN Colonial Marines (By Me)

    Dread: Battlestar Hades

    I’m still learning Google Plus so bear with me if these links don’t format automatically.