Preview of the New Games on Demand Menu Template

We’re working up the Games on Demand menu template for Gen Con. we’ll share the template post-con in case others want to use it. What do you think?

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  1. I like the iconography very much.

  2. +No Jenn, I’m pretty sure that’s me. ;)

  3. Would there be any reason to include a GM vs. GM-less icon?

  4. I’ll include a few icons but not many, just things that will be immediately useful to prospective palyers (Jennifer Martin I have a “silly” icon I’ll replace “all ages” with)

  5. I figured too many would just make it look a mess. I love what it looks like so far.

  6. We’d do this at PAX Prime. Template, please.

  7. Thanks guys. Still fine tuning but I will share the template, I promise!

  8. Are you editing what people submit at all, because I put down Dungeon World as being by “Sage LaTorra and Some Other Dude.”

    Also, I put a playtest thing in there. Can I provide art anyway?

  9. Hot Pepper! I like it! ^_~ #OriginsTemplateJoke

  10. Sage LaTorra Sure, send me art, 3.5″ high by 3″ wide, 300 dpi CMYK.

  11. Definitely like the addition of the table number.

  12. Good comments Jim Crocker, thanks! I don’t have cover images from all the games at an appropriate resolution and about 25% are hacks, homebrew, oddballs. The text is what the GM provided. One image per game, and I did a few generic images as well. It’d be a good thing to crowdsource I guess but I am done for Gen Con.