Games on Demand – Gen Con Update

Games on Demand – Gen Con Update

It’s been a few weeks since Gen Con, and we’ve finally pulled together most of the data from the event. I’ll share more of the details soon, as well as a link to a survey to gather feedback, but for now, here’s a summary:

– 354 game sessions run

– 92 distinct games (not including scenario variations)

– 232 two-hour games

– 122 four-hour games

– 1667 players seated

Nicely done, everyone! Thanks to the volunteers for helping to make it happen, and to the many players who joined us this year!

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  1. Can we share this information?

    Sounds like we will be breaking over 2,000 player tickets collected.

    Any word from Gen Con about how they felt about our event?

  2. Actually, it looks like this community is already public! 

  3. So rad. How many facilitators did you have?

  4. Sure, share away. I’ll post more data soon, including games by frequency/top ten numbers.

    I have plans to talk to Derek this week to debrief about the event. My guess is that Gen Con is happy with the results.

  5. Morgan Stinson we had 85 or so volunteers, between hosts and GMs, not including the people who stepped up to volunteer during the show. It was pretty massive.

  6. That sounds awesome and enviable.

  7. That’s pretty amazing! 

  8. So, some rough numbers based on that, it looks like there were about 6,000 gamer-hours of play through Games on Demand this GenCon. Good work, everyone!

  9. This was my wife and my first ever GenCon and our first ever Games on Demand — we did nothing else during GenCon. Well, other than buy lots of stuff in the exhibit hall.

    We were a bit taken aback by how popular GoD was (and maybe the boarding pass model doesn’t scale so well), but overall we were so, so, so happy to get into a few games. Thanks to the organizers for being welcoming to a couple of people new to all of this, and thanks for a fantastic time overall.

  10. Sean Duncan, I’m glad to hear that you kept coming back for more. (As an aside if you would’ve been there in 2012, you’d have seen the boarding pass model as a vast improvement.)

  11. Thanks to Steve Segedy and the GoD admin team for organizing and leading us!