Menu for PAX Prime GoD

More menus! I think PAX Prime GoD is going to kick ass this year.

Originally shared by John Aegard

Just finished printing and laminating menus for 27 #PAX Games on Demand GMs!

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  1. I’ve never been to PAX, but my impression was that it’s focused, almost exclusively, on video games.

    How does running pen and paper games there compare with running at say GenCon or another pen and paper focused con?

  2. I haven’t been to PAX Prime, but I’d imagine it runs more or less like PAX East. Although it’s roots are in video games, it has a bit of everything, like any big nerd convention.

    A major part of the show is the Tabletop Hall, which is focused on non-video games and has lots of tables and rooms devoted to boardgames, CCGs, D&D, and a few instances of other RPGs. That’s where Games on Demand will be.

  3. PAX Prime, due to space constraints, doesn’t have the massive tabletop hall like East, it we still have two rooms full of GMs running games 10-10 every day. If you’re not at least tangentially interested in board games, video games, or the panels, it’s probably not worth it just for Games on Demand, but its close.

  4. We had 25 badges worth of facilitators running games (plus auxiliaries who showed up) and we were full every slot but the first. A solid crew of excellent gamers, but definitely not the focus of the con.