Escapist Expo 2013: The Games We Played

The Escapist Expo has come and gone too quickly! We played a lot of games, attended panels, and ate great Durham food.

Games on Demand stayed busy, with tables full most of the day on Saturday. We had 10 awesome volunteers covering 24 hours of games on 4 tables. By the end, the team had run 27 full games or demos for around 100 people. Here’s the list of games that were run:

5 x 13th Age
4 x Fiasco
3 x Infinite Earths
2 x Astropocalypse
2 x Carolina Death Crawl
2 x Quiet Year
2 x Tenra Bansho Zero
1 x Beyond the Wall
1 x Cortex+ Chronotrigger
1 x Dungeon World
1 x Fate Core – Fight Fire
1 x Land of Yeld
1 x Shinobigami
1 x Torchbearer

Thanks to all of the volunteers who brought their enthusiasm to the event, and to all the players who joined us, many for their first experience with tabletop RPGs. Finally, many thanks to the Escapist staff for putting together the Expo and inviting us to join in on the fun!

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