Origins 2017 – Call for Volunteers

The Call for Volunteers is Now Open!

To all of our past volunteers and enthusiastic friends, we invite you to come join us and help run another excellent Origins Games on Demand! If you’d like to join us, please fill out the volunteer submission form by April 15th!

For those that haven’t been before, the event will be hosting sessions of “indie” role-playing games in the Games on Demand room at the Origins Games Fair in Columbus, OH from June 14-18, 2017.

For those that haven’t participated before, GoD is structured like this:

  • All games are 4 hours long. You can run 4 hour one-shot tabletop RPGs, run 4-hour larps, or Host at our registration table.
  • Volunteers who work 16+ hours get a badge.
  • Games need to be one-shots that presume no previous knowledge of the game so that we’re welcoming to new players.
  • One of these games can be your (or your company’s) design, but the other needs to showcase a designer aside from you or your company!
  • When considering your second game, please think of running a game by lesser known and minority creators, to give them some spotlight.
  • When you facilitate a game, you need to collect 2 generic tokens from everyone who’s playing.
  • We do our best to make sure everyone who runs a game gets a table, but sometimes it works out that there won’t be enough players or interest for every GM to run a game every slot they’re scheduled.
  • We will make a game facilitator and registration table host schedule as best we can based on your preferences from this form.

Volunteer Benefits

Facilitators who run games for 1-3 slots get our gratitude, and we will comp you the generic token to play in another GoD game if your game doesn’t run. You still need to get your own Origins badge.

Facilitators who run games for 4+ slots (16 hours) get their GM badge comped*, in addition to comp’ing you as above.

Hosts who help us out at the registration table for 4+ slots (16 hours) get their GM badge comped*.

You can mix and match, and do both Facilitating and Hosting for a total of 16+ hours for a badge as well. We will not put down any one person for more than 4 slots of facilitation + 2 slots of registration table work.

Games for Everyone

We would like to conceive of our event as inclusive, queer-friendly, and welcoming to gamers of all backgrounds and abilities. We expect that you as volunteers will help us achieve this goal as well!

Sign up today! The deadline for submission is April 15th.

Volunteer Submission Form
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