DragonCon 2017: Check it Out!

Games on Demand at DragonCon. 12 noon to 10pm. Second floor Americas Mart building one. Open gaming. Check it out! #gamesondemand #dragoncon

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  1. Games on Demand at DragonCon? I should have gone!

  2. Do you have a list of what games were played and how many times each?

  3. I hope everyone’s having a great time.

  4. Drew Owen

    Will have the numbers. Good turn out so fat.

  5. Can’t wait for a recap. Especially curious if you’re using time slots, or just starting each game freeform.

  6. Drew will have the final number of players, number of tables, and games played. After I’d run The Rad Hack and Fiasco: Home Invasion, he’d said we’d cleared last year’s total of 32 players.

  7. Richard Williams

    Game, times played, total players

    Monster of the Week, 2,9

    Dungeon World,1,4

    Rad Hack,1,3


    Blades in the Dark,1,5

    Don’t Rest Your Head,1,3

    The Veil,1,3

  8. Aaron Sturgill

    We had regular muster times every two hours. Next year I want to offer games every hour to try and capture more interest. I think we will capture a stronger part of the walking around foot traffic if there is a shorter wait to the next game start time.

    I have thought about going completely on-demand but I don’t think it is very fair to the GMs (they have to wait an indeterminate amount of time before they start running a game).

    We are still figuring out how we will fit in with DragonCon Gaming and especially with the move to the new gaming space.