Games on Demand is Coming to PAX Unplugged!

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Attention game lovers, masters, and facilitators alike! Games on Demand will be in Philadelphia this week for the first ever PAX Unplugged. We will be running a variety of indie tabletop RPGs, starting new games every two hours. We hope you’ll join us for a game- no experience or materials are necessary!

You’ll find us in Room 105AB, below the open gaming. We’re open from 10AM till Midnight Friday and Saturday, and from 10 AM till 2 PM on Sunday!

We’re also still looking for some volunteers to help fill our tables and bring the joy of indie games to the masses. If you love running games, volunteering is a great way to share that game you love. As an added bonus we have dedicated tables and delightful hosts that help gather up players. It’s nothing but wins all around!

If you have a few hours to spare please reach out to or volunteer coordinator Brian Liberge through our contact page. If you have at least 8 hours to spare we even have a few complimentary badges to give away, but supplies are limited.

We hope to see you all in Philadelphia!


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  1. Here are a few of the games we’ll have on offer:

    Ace Adventure (Fate Accelerated Edition)
    Apocalypse World
    Axon Punk: Overdrive
    Cosmic Patrol
    Death is the New Pink
    Die Laughing
    Dream Chaser
    Dresden Files
    Dungeon World
    Flying Circus
    Impulse Drive
    Metal Showcase
    Monster of the Week
    Monsterhearts 2
    New World of Darkness (Mortals)
    Pack of Strays
    Patrol: The Trench Raiders
    Phoenix Dawn Command
    Pop Star
    Scum and Villainy
    Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
    Tearable RPG
    The Sprawl
    The Whispering Road

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