Games on Demand Responds to Qiddiya Gaming at PAX East

The leadership team for Games on Demand at PAX East has recently learned that Qiddiya Gaming has a large booth at PAX East 2024, and is listed on the PAX East website and in the PAX Nav app as a featured exhibitor. Qiddiya Gaming is an extension of the government of Saudi Arabia through the Public Investment Fund. The Saudi Arabian government has countless human rights violations, often carried out through its court system. We are significantly disappointed to learn that this group will be present and featured.

The core values of the current Saudi Arabian government starkly oppose the values of Games on Demand. We believe that gaming should be a welcoming community for all who come to the table to experience joy, and carry no ill intent towards their fellow players.

Games on Demand has been present at every PAX East since 2012. We have seen the PAX convention continuously work to make every gamer who comes to the table with a sincere desire to share their joy feel like a welcomed member of the community. The inclusion of Qiddiya goes against those efforts. One of the six rules of PAX is “Don’t harass anyone” and this group has gone far beyond breaking that rule.

With PAX East less than two weeks away, we have decided to remain a presence at this year’s show. We want to continue to offer a space where people feel valued, accepted, and welcomed.

We call on PAX and ReedPop to commit to their stated values by continuing to offer a safe space to gamers from those who actively seek to harm them. If groups like Qiddiya continue to be present, this Games on Demand team will no longer work with PAX.

With love for our gaming community,

Brian Liberge & Natalya Waye
Games on Demand
PAX East & PAX Unplugged

Games on Demand at PAX Unplugged

PAX Unplugged Logo

PAX Unplugged is coming at the end of November in Philadelphia! Games on Demand will be there with more tables than ever and we still have room for volunteers. We’re looking for people willing to run games in 2 and 4 hour slots, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Based on the demand from last year, you’re practically guaranteed to have a table full of eager players ready to game!

Whether you’re volunteering or playing, you’ll find us in Room 105B, the same space as last year. We’re open from 10AM-11:30PM Friday and Saturday, and from 10 AM-6 PM on Sunday!

To sign up, join us on our Discord server, and check out the pinned information in the Unplugged thread.

We hope to see you all in Philadelphia!


Games on Demand is Coming to PAX Unplugged!

PAX Unplugged Logo

Attention game lovers, masters, and facilitators alike! Games on Demand will be in Philadelphia this week for the first ever PAX Unplugged. We will be running a variety of indie tabletop RPGs, starting new games every two hours. We hope you’ll join us for a game- no experience or materials are necessary!

You’ll find us in Room 105AB, below the open gaming. We’re open from 10AM till Midnight Friday and Saturday, and from 10 AM till 2 PM on Sunday!

We’re also still looking for some volunteers to help fill our tables and bring the joy of indie games to the masses. If you love running games, volunteering is a great way to share that game you love. As an added bonus we have dedicated tables and delightful hosts that help gather up players. It’s nothing but wins all around!

If you have a few hours to spare please reach out to or volunteer coordinator Brian Liberge through our contact page. If you have at least 8 hours to spare we even have a few complimentary badges to give away, but supplies are limited.

We hope to see you all in Philadelphia!