www.Neonri.com is looking for GMs (August 24-26 2018)

www.Neonri.com is looking for GMs (August 24-26 2018)

This year’s theme is late 20th century Retrofuturism (think but not limited to; Cyberpunk, Satanic Panic, Tales from the loop, and retro tabletop gaming). If you run games in other genres we love you too and will schedule you, but we do want to promote this years theme.

Please submit an event at https://www.neonri.com/index.php/contact/guest-event-form You will receive a GM badge for everyday to volunteer 4 hours or more, and access to the volunteer lounge.

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  1. Hamish Cameron do so, let me know if you have any questions… OK just realized I heard you on +1 Forward… You designed The Sprawl! The interview had you with an accent so… are you from across the pond or from close enough that I can entice you to come show off The Sprawl?!!