GottaCon Games on Demand

GottaCon, Victoria’s gaming convention, ran it’s own Games on Demand this year and it was a big success! The following report is from Mike Gruber, who organized the event.

One of our special events this year was called GottaConQuest in which attendees were given quests to complete for each of the six ‘pillars’ of GottaCon: Trading Card Games, Role-Playing Games, Board Games, Video Games, Miniatures, and Panels. One of the RPG quests I came up with was playing in a Games on Demand session in order to claim a badge ribbon. Showing your ribbon at our Special Events HQ then completed the quest. So we had a number of people that were completely new to role-playing play some Games on Demand to complete their quests. It was fantastic! Everyone had fun and I am pretty sure we created some new role-players at the show.

Games we ended up running included:
Dread, Dungeon World, Fate Accelerated Edition, Fiasco, Hope Inhumanity, Magister Lor, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Psi*Run, The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Time Cellist, and Zombie Cinema

The most run games were:
Fiasco (3), Psi*Run (3), Hope Inhumanity (2), Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (2), Time Cellist (2), Zombie Cinema (2)

Overall GottaCon was a great success and the RPG area saw even more growth than we anticipated. In total we ran 136 individual RPG events (including Games on Demand) for a total of 676 players!

PAX East 2015 – Games on Demand


PAX East is this weekend (March 6-8) and Games on Demand will be returning with a crew of enthusiastic volunteers and a ton of great games on offer! Check out the list below to see what we’ll be running.

We’ll be starting new games every two hours or so from 12pm-10pm on Friday and Saturday and 10am-4pm on Sunday.

Will you be at the show? Come play a game with us!
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Games on Demand at Big Bad Con 2014

Big Bad Con, held in Oakland, CA is an RPG convention and Charity Drive. Every year we gather the best GMs in the land to run a host of indie focused games both on the schedule and in Games on Demand. More information here:

2014 Big Bad Con Games on Demand
In 2014, Games on Demand will be run in Boardroom II. The event starts on Friday at 1PM and will run until Sunday 7PM in two and four hour slots.

If you are interested in signing up run games in Games on Demand, click here. If you would to be a host click here to Join the Wolf Pack.

Past Events
Games on Demand – Gen Con 2013 Games

Gen Con 2014 – Thanks for Your Feedback and Support!

Another year of Games on Demand at Gen Con has come and gone and all data has been compiled – We had around 90 volunteers this year, working hard to organize everything and be ready to run 310 games for 1452 players in just 4 days! Wow, what a huge year! It was a great show and we’re very happy with the results.

We know that many of you have feedback about the show as well, and we’d like to hear from you. We’ve put together a Google survey to collect some basic data from you as well your observations and ideas. This is also a great opportunity to tell us you’d like to join us as a volunteer next year!

Give Us Your Feedback!

Also, if you played with us this year and had a good time, please consider dropping some change in our tip jar to support the event. The cost of a generic ticket goes entirely to Gen Con, and only helps us get the space and GM badges to run the event. Your donations will help repay our volunteers for the cost of materials for the show- menus, signage, and other supplies.

Thanks as always for joining us at Games on Demand and helping us to celebrate our favorite games!

Gen Con 2014 – Games Played

Here are the game stats from Games on Demand at Gen Con 2014. Thanks to Jeremy Friesen and our many great hosts for keeping track of the information between seating times and doing the data entry after the show.

We had many great games this year, and the breadth of games that ran is always more exciting to see than the high number of sessions for the most popular games. Many of the games are late-playtests of new games or hacks of other systems that were combined with that games’ numbers. You can expect to see these again more prominently at next year’s show!

It’s also worth noting that while Monsterhearts and it’s variants had the highest number of sessions this year, adding Fate Accelerated Edition and Fate Core together would put them at the top. It was a big year for Fate all around!
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Games on Demand at Gen Con 2014

A Map of the best places to find indie RPGs at Gen Con 2014

Games on Demand starts on Thursday morning! Are you ready?

This year’s event is in a new awesome location! Come find us here:

Indianapolis Marriott Downtown
2nd Floor in Ballroom 6
350 W Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46225

210 RPGs & LARPs,
46 Hrs, 25 Tables, 70 GMs,
No Registration, No Planning!

Start Times: Seating begins at times listed below. Arrive 5-10 minutes before that to make sure you get a boarding pass.

Thursday: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm
Friday: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm
Saturday: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm
Sunday: 10am, 12pm, 2pm

Boarding groups will be called randomly, so there’s need for lines or trying to get a specific boarding pass letter.

Cost: Generic Tickets, 2 hr game = 1 ticket, 4 hr = 2

Experience: None, all rules taught

Family Gaming: Most games are for ages 18+ but this year we will a number of games designed for ages 10+ as well!

More Information: For more up-to-date details about our procedures and game options, see

Games on Demand Returns to PAX Prime

PAX Games on Demand Menu Sample

PAX Prime is August 28th – Sept 1st in Seattle, WA. Games on Demand will take place on the third floor of the convention center again this year and we’ll be co-located with Gamma Ray Games to minimize play-to-purchase time. Complimentary guest badges will be available to volunteers, giving you access to the show for all four days. Volunteering involves facilitating games you love for enthusiastic strangers, for three four-hour slots over the course of the show.

If you’re interested in joining us, just send us a message and let us know!

Games We Played – Origins 2014

Curious to know how things went at Origins 2014 Games on Demand? The turnout was fantastic, the event was bigger than ever, and it seems like everyone had a fantastic time.

These statistics were compiled by Evan Torner, who together with Kira Magrann did a fantastic job of organizing the show!

Player Counts
Thursday Morning: 7 tables, 23 players (Larp: 0)
Thursday Afternoon: 9 tables, 40 players (Larp: 0)
Thursday Evening: 11 tables, 51 players (Larp: 13)
Friday Morning: 8 tables, 30 players (Larp: 8)
Friday Afternoon: 10 tables, 40 players (Larp: 6)
Friday Evening: 9 tables, 41 players (Larp: 0)
Saturday Morning: 6 tables, 27 players (Larp: 5)
Saturday Afternoon: 12 tables, 57 players (Larp: 0)
Saturday Evening: 15 tables, 76 players (Larp: 5)
Sunday Morning: 6 tables, 30 players (Larp: 5)

Tabletop Game Counts
Here are the number of times each individual system was run (For research purposes, AW is listed next to systems Powered by the Apocalypse, Fate by those using the Fate rules):

Dungeon World (AW) 7
Urban Shadows (AW) 6
Project: Dark 5
Swords without Master 5
Atomic Robo (Fate) 4
Dragonknights (Fate) 4
Iron Edda (Fate) 4
Clash 3
Dream Askew (AW) 3
FATE Core (Fate) 3
Feng Shui II 3
Fiasco 3
Monsterhearts (AW) 3
World Wide Wrestling (AW) 3
By the Book (AW) 2
The Devil, John Moulton 2
The Fifth World 2
Headspace 2
Itras By 2
Mouse World (AW) 2
Night Witches (AW) 2
Nobilis 2
Souls of Steel (AW) 2
The Warren (AW) 2
Wrath of the Autarch (Fate) 2
Adventurers 1
Apocalypse World (AW) 1
Cthulhu Dark 1
Dresden Files (Fate) 1
Durance 1
Heroine 1
How to Be Human 1
Medical Bay Three 1
No Country for Old Kobolds (AW) 1
Psi*Run 1
Sagas of the Icelanders (AW) 1
Silent Night 1
Spark 1
Tabletop Blockbuster 1
Trail of Cthulhu 1

The Climb 3
Juggernaut 2
City of Fire & Coin 1
How to Be Human (Larp) 1
Summer Lovin’ 1

Games on Demand at Origins 2014 Starts Next Week!

Just one more week until Origins Game Fair 2014 begins! This year’s Games on Demand event is going to be fantastic:

– 44 GMs!
– 80+ different games!
– Larps on Demand!
– Lots of new and exciting looking stuff!
– Multi-session LONGCON games!
– The Tell Me About Your Character booth!
– More diversity than last year in our GM group!
– And, of course, Jeni’s Ice Cream

If you’ll be at the convention and couldn’t get into the games you wanted or just want to try something new, drop by Games on Demand and we’ll set you up with a great game and a fun time.