Origins 2013 is Coming!

Games on Demand for #Origins 2013 is building up steam. three sessions a day Thursday through Saturday, with a bonus on Sunday morning in case you didn’t get enough. You can find listings for the event in the Master Event Grid and everything!

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  1. Would something like this work for a convention like Forge Midwest?

  2. I haven’t been to Forge Midwest but I had always assumed it was on big Games on Demand ;)

    In any case, yes, all you need is a core of volunteers willing to run their favorite games and the space to do it. I’m happy to advise if you want to make it happen.

  3. Hi Steve. Actually, I wanted to talk to you and others involved with Games on Demand.  :-)  I think that what Willow and Tim are doing for Forge Midwest works nicely.

    But for the group that I helped to found, Corridor Games on Demand, we are looking for ideas to help get more people engaged at the smaller local conventions. Two perceived obstacles in our neck of the gaming country are: The huge devotion to many gamers only playing Pathfinder and the 4-hour block game slots that seem to reduce availability for us to engage new people. We are also talking about coming up with marketing/visuals to show people the games to get them to come forward/talk to us. We are also trying to think of easy non-confrontational ways of recruiting people.  :-)