See You at Gen Con!

The 2017 Gen Con Games on Demand starts this week! We hope we’ll see you there, in our space at the Hyatt Regency hotel, second floor, ballroom A/B. Use the following map to find your way, and feel free to download and print copies to hand out to your friends!

Indie Games Explosion Gen Con 2017

We’ll be running games starting at 10am on Thursday and ending at 2pm on Sunday. For full details about the Gen Con show runs, see

If you’d like to know what games we’ll be offering, feel free to check out our 2-hour, 4-hour, and larp menus. Please note that these PDF files are pretty large!

Third Year for Games on Demand at U-Con

This is our third year for Games on Demand at U-Con Gaming Convention. The track is being organized by Roger Edge and myself. As usual, Leonard Balsera will be running games on the track. We also have Cam Banks and Whitney Beltrán in attendance this year, and I’m sure they’d love to see some of their games in the Games on Demand room.

Please help us to grow Games on Demand presence at U-Con and register to run a couple games. You only need to commit to 6 hours of events to get a badge.

See you there!

Fundraising for Gen Con 2017

Games on Demand Gen Con 2017 Fundraiser Donation Link

We’re Fundraising for Gen Con 2017

Year after year, Games on Demand has been bringing you the best in indie games at various conventions. The event is entirely non-profit and run by volunteers, with funding from donations to cover expenses.

This year, we’re stepping up from our usual requests and using a GoFundMe campaign to ask for your help to make Games on Demand happen at Gen Con.

How Will We Use the Funds?

All of the money raised through donations will go back into making the event a success, at Gen Con this year and at future events. Here’s how we use the money:

  • Signage and printing costs: we need to print signs and the “menus” for the games our GMs offer.
  • Volunteer support: our volunteers put lots of their valuable convention time into bringing you Games on Demand. In return, we like to show our appreciation for their efforts by providing materials, games, and refreshments whenever we can.
  • Badge ribbons: we intend to make available “Games on Demand” and “Games on Demand GM” ribbons. We also want to provide “my pronouns are” ribbons in four varieties: “she/her”, “he/him”, “they/their” and fill-in-the-blank. These will be available for anyone participating in the event.

When do we need it?

As of the start of this campaign Gen Con is just a few weeks away, so we need these funds soon! If you can, please throw a few bucks our way so we can make sure this year is the best year yet for Games on Demand!

On behalf of all the organizers of Games on Demand Gen Con 2017, thank you!

GoD at Dexcon (July 5th – July 9th)

Originally shared by Kathryn Miller

Dexcon Morristown New Jersey July 5th – July 9th

I am organizing a GAMES on DEMAND at Dex con.

We have no formal space yet, but I’m planning on using the little cove facing the Manhatten rooms as an HQ.

If you find you have slots of nothing to do and want to run more games, find GoD fill out a Call for Games sheet. With your intended Game . I will post this on the Wall of GoD somewhere.

If you find you have slots with no games and want to play check out the Wall of GoD where Gms are hoping to offer up some good gaming.

This is Happening people. Let the Cheering of the Crowds Commence

Origins 2017 Games on Demand Numbers

Thanks to everyone who came out to join us in Columbus for Origins 2017, and to all of our excellent volunteers for making the event a success! As usual, we’ve assembled our session records and wanted to share them with you.

If you’d like to give us your feedback about your experience with Games on Demand, we invite you to fill out our feedback survey!

If you had a good time at the show and want to support Games on Demand in the future, we encourage you to join us as a volunteer at an upcoming show or consider throwing us a donation for supplies!

Overall Numbers

This year we seated 454 players in 99 games with a staff of 38 staff, including seven who stepped in to help run games during the show.

In 2016, we seated 605 players in 121 games with a staff of 46 GMs.
In 2015, we seated 463 players in 103 games with a staff of 36 GMs.
In 2014, we seated 457 players in 101 games with staff of 44 GMs.

We had anticipated that overall attendance this year would be lighter based on our volunteer signups (and it turns out we were right, looking at the numbers), so we were happy to have people join in during the show!

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Gen Con 2017 – Call for Volunteers

Gen Con Games on Demand Logo

The Call for Gen Con Volunteers is Now Open!

If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to sign up for Gen Con Games on Demand, the time is now! This event will take place in Indianapolis, IN, August 17-20th. We hope that you’ll join us and help to make this year our best event so far!

To sign up, just fill out this form before June 5th, 2017:

Once you sign up, we’ll add your email to our volunteer mailing list and follow up with more information soon, including a request to gather details about the games you want to run. Read on for more details about the event!

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Origins 2017 – Call for Volunteers

The Call for Volunteers is Now Open!

To all of our past volunteers and enthusiastic friends, we invite you to come join us and help run another excellent Origins Games on Demand! If you’d like to join us, please fill out the volunteer submission form by April 15th!

For those that haven’t been before, the event will be hosting sessions of “indie” role-playing games in the Games on Demand room at the Origins Games Fair in Columbus, OH from June 14-18, 2017.

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Strategicon Orccon 2017 (Feb 17-20)

Hey folks. Just wanted to share some success with this format over at Strategicon Orccon 2017 (Feb 17-20).

Specifically on Saturday that weekend, we ran a very loose RPG Games on Demand. We had a set of sessions for the morning and afternoon time slots, and had 16 people / 4 tables for the morning (The Quiet Year w/ Lego, Fiasco, Swords and Wizardry, Dread) + 10 people / 2 tables in the afternoon (Forget-Me-Not: Murder Hobo, Dungeon World), and another ad hoc table in between sessions of 4 people playing The Quiet Year w/ Lego.

We did it very much like the Donut at GoPlayNW, where we just gathered up, gauged a number of GMs and volunteers, pitched some stuff, and then gamed.

I did have to do some double-duty due to a low number of GMs (kicked off a Quiet Year then ran Dread in the morning; kicked off Forget-Me-Not then ran Dungeon World in the afternoon), but otherwise it felt quite successful.

What worked well : We had a good thoroughfare space which got us attention, but was still tucked away enough for non-interrupted play. I made about a dozen GoD sheets that get people to stop and read, and helped get folks thinking and excited to game (see attached image). The support of Jim Sandoval who heads RPGs here is exemplary. Word seems to be spreading and excitement is building.

What could use work : Need more GM critical mass. Better communication in the con book. Signage to prevent spillover from the open gaming room in taking our tables. Signage for the area in general. (most of this Jim’s gonna take care of; it was a learning experience)

That said, as we try to grow this over at Strategicon (next one is Gamex 2017 in May), I think I’d love some discussion of options or what works at other cons, just to get ideas.

Anyways, thought I’d report here in case other useful feedback and discussion helps.